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Parts washers

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Professional parts washer - 40L

  • Ideal for cleaning transmission components before lubrication
  • Heats the cleaner in 15 min to 37°C for optimal efficiency
  • Includes brush with central jet
  • The spray allows you to have your hands free to use brushes, tools for cleaning
  • Its mobility allows you to position yourself under the bike
  • Contains a filter of 50 microns to be able to separate the cleaner from the small components (balls), and residues.
  • It has a soaking tank for components requiring more aggressive cleaning
  • To be used with NL-74000 cleaner (2 20L-cans) and NL-74100 microorganism tablets (not included)
  • The use of solvent in the parts washer is prohibited
  • Castors with brake

Weight : 23 kg

Code EAN : 3435540523103